Chekhov Shorts

November 2016
UnderDog @ Brewdog Castlegate, Aberdeen

Michael Frayn’s acclaimed translations are a wild and witty take on the short comedic farces by one of the world’s greatest writers, Anton Chekhov. Exploring the absurdity of life in the late 19th century, these three hilarious one act plays offer more than just a laugh a minute but a curious exploration into human nature.

The Proposal

Ivan Lomov, is a long term neighbour to Stepan Stepanovich. He has finally plucked up the courage to propose marriage to Stepanovich’s twenty something daughter, Natalya. Yet, a surprising turn of events lead Lomov to get hot under the collar in more ways than one.

The Evils of Tobacco

The hen-pecked Nyukhin has been told by his wife to give a lecture on ‘The Evils of Tobacco’. Dutifully he complies. However, when she’s not there, what exactly does Nyukhin get up to?


A highly acclaimed writer receives an unwanted visit from an aspiring female playwright. Hoping her play will stand tall and prove a success, an unexpected and shocking turning point might lift the Drama off the page...

Supported by Aberdeen City Creative Funding

Chekhov Shorts flyers Ten Feet Tall Theatre Aberdeen Brew Dog


Chekhov Shorts at Brew Dog Aberdeen 2016
Anton Chekhov shorts Ten Feet Tall Theatre Aberdeen Scotland
Chekhov Shorts Ten Feet Tall Theatre Aberdeen 2016
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"Three fabulously funny 20-minute plays which left their opening night audience shouting for more... delivered with consummate ease and unfaltering confidence."

Joyce Summers, The Press and Journal