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Creating opportunities for actors, writers, artists, audiences and wider communities to get together, collaborate and explore their creativity.

Engagement opportunities come in many forms — classes for actors, bespoke sessions for businesses, public networking nights and community events linked to our latest productions.

While many of these sessions are about learning and honing craft, they're also about confidence, connection and foregrounding stories from people in this part of Scotland.

We want people to feel empowered and inspired by their geographical location and excited about the future that North East Scotland has to offer for the arts.

Classes Classes

Acting and performance focused classes for participants of all ages.

Whatever stage of the acting journey you're at, we can support you with focused, flexible and sensitive coaching.

Ten Feet Tall is an artist-led company which means we are nothing without the artists that get involved and create the projects we deliver.

We love to explore collaboration possibilities with artists and creatives of all backgrounds and perspectives. If you want to get involved or have an idea to run by us, we would love to hear from you.

We deliver bespoke designed education programmes covering SQA curriculum of excellence outcomes and experiences for school groups of all ages.

Leaning on theatre-based techniques, we have delivered interactive and impactful facilitated workshops to organisations across many sectors.

Our team have delivered workshops to the aviation industry, oil and gas, healthcare, legal, climate action groups - to name a few.

We not only help people learn skills, we give them a platform to practise those skills in a safe learning environment before taking them back to be used in the workplace.

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